1. Jews in the Wild West - aish.com


    The Wild West isn’t usually thought of as a home to Jews, yet early Jewish Americans lived there and left their marks. Here are some surprising ways Jews helped ...

  2. Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online


    The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online makes available the text of the celebrated Nebraska edition of the Lewis and Clark journals, edited by Gary E ...

  3. Frances Kissling — Listening Beyond Life and Choice | On Being


    Frances Kissling is known for her longtime activism on the abortion issue but has devoted her energy more in recent years to real relationship and new conversations ...

  4. LiveLeak.com - Black Lives Matter Rant "We Will Shoot ...


    Liveleak opposes racial slurs - if you do spot comments that fall into this category, please report them for us to review.

  5. The Association of American Rhodes Scholars: Archived ...


    Ebrahim Patel (IL & Lady Margaret Hall ‘98) Bill George U.S.News & World Report October 22, 2009. Eboo Patel, founder of a national movement promoting interfaith ...

  6. Memorial Wall 2014 - Conservative Headlines


    We have compiled the largest sample of black on white murders, occurring in 2014, that we possibly could. Many major media outlets openly admit to censoring black crime.

  7. Powhatan Renape Nation Guestbook Archive


    I commend your web site and the efforts you have made toward educating the people about the culture and life style of the Powhatan Nation. For those of you that are ...

  8. Metaphysical Dictionary - Occult Lectures Brother Panic


    A Aaron Hebrew high priest, older brother of Moses. abductee A Human being who is taken by Extraterrestrials. Many abductees report being transported to ships for the ...

  9. () - d.hatena.ne.jp


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  10. 12tfw Guestbook - 12TFW Association Website & Forum


    The 12TFW Guestbook July 2000 - June 2010 Wednesday, June 23, 2010 10:18 PM Name: Robert Small Email: small.12@osu.edu

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